Announcing a Workshop with Molly Jacques

I’m excited to announce Fort will be teaming up with Molly Jacques to hold a two-day workshop in San Francisco on August 10–11. The intent behind this is to help letterers, calligraphers, or designers take their work and dive into what it takes to make it into a typeface.

Molly will teach the majority of the first day. Her focus will be on lettering, calligraphy, and the design choices made when building a typeface vs. one-off projects. I’ll then show students how to create a working font file from what they have made. We’ll look at how to utilize Glyphs, a type design application, to get a basic understanding of type design and what all goes into it. 

The workshop is intentionally small (10–14 people) as we want to be available to look into what each person is working on, give feedback, and help in any way. If you want to know more, please check out the link below.  

Find Out More and Sign Up Here



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