The Faces behind the Faces

Mattox Shuler

Mattox lives in Athens, GA with his wife and daughter. His passion for design evolved from branding and web design into type design channeled through Fort. He is self-taught with much helped owed to friends in the industry. With Fort releasing new faces from new designers, he creatively directs those collaborations. He also enjoys making board games from time to time. 

Brian Brubaker

Brian is a designer and screen printer in Charlottesville, Virginia. He and Mattox connected in 2013 over their shared love of vintage type. Brian started picking Mattox’s brain...and never stopped. Brian spent the next two years designing his first font family Herschel while Mattox gave tips along the way. Now, after more than a year of continued collaboration, Brian’s inaugural release with Fort, Shackleton, is the start of something new and exciting.

Jonathan Ball

Jonathan is a freelance designer based in Seattle who specializes in custom lettering, typographic design, and telling it like it is. He’s been drawing letters for as long as he can remember. Jonathan is currently working on a retro-inspired script that we think you’ll be head over heels for. Stay tuned for it’s upcoming release.