The New Industry Has Landed

While designing Industry Inc, a lot of time was spent with the bold style of Industry as it was the base for that family. I noticed certain things about the typeface that needed cleaning up or polishing. Industry Inc retained some of the conventions of the original Industry as they worked better for the different styles of display type. But because I wanted Industry to handle any body copy or headlines thrown at it, some improvements were due. So what's new in the update?

1. Stronger Curves

The outside and inside curves of the letterforms have all changed in some way. The family needed to embrace more of its square sans roots as the rounding of the old version was borderline abrupt at times, creating an unpolished appearance. This overall change tidied up and strengthened each style. Gray = Version 1  |  Black = Version 2

2. Refined Letterforms

Some letterforms received a complete overhaul. Changes were made to improve flow and give Industry a little more character as geometric square sans can come across as quite rigid. Here are some examples:

3. Improved Spacing and Kerning

Spacing and kerning were also revisited to improve upon word and sentence flow. What might seem like a small change makes a world of a difference in the big picture with short and long form copy.

4. A New Thin Style

Lastly, a thin style was thrown into the mix because they're so dang fancy and fun for design. Obviously, it's not meant for small sizes, so scale it up and let it do its work.

The New Industry

All these things combine for better legibility, cleaner webfonts, and a smoother overall appearance. Inspired by WPA posters, Industry has become the typeface I wanted it to be. For those of you who've already picked it up, you can get your updated version for free by logging in and re-downloading it through the site where you purchased it:

If you picked up the full family, the new thin style is thrown in there as a thank you. It’s probably a good idea to uninstall the old files before installing the new ones. I hope this update serves you well now and later on. If you haven't picked Industry up yet, you can check it out over here or at any of the sites mentioned above.

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